Camping trip! (august)

After family camp (long weekend in August) we had 2 nights home, got the trailer all packed up, and took off for a few days camping in Winnipeg. Well, we camped a little ways out of the city at the Rubber Ducky Resort - a very fun family campground! - and we spent one day in the city... doing important things like getting lots of soft pretzels (yum!) and going to the zoo!

At the zoo!
My girls ❤

little Levi!



We spent a LONG time watching the seals - definitely Piper's favorite!!!

Can you find them all?!

After blue and red slushies, and a long day!

After our long day in the city, we spent a day just hanging around the campground swimming, enjoying the hot tubs, and doing some of the activities they have at the campground!

We had such a good time - the kids are still talking about this trip even now!

Nana & Papa

One of the biggest highlites of the summer was definitely the visit from Nana & Papa! Though we didn't have the best weather, and didn't get to everything we'd hoped to do with them, we did have fun and found some other things to keep busy doing! We were so busy, I didn't remember to get photos until the end of the visit!