I'll be sure to get pictures of the kids in their costumes tonight and try to get them uploaded for all to see tomorrow!
Ruthie is at nursery school right now - it's their Halloween party and she got to wear her costume to school - very exciting for her!
Tonight we'll be going in to our friends' house to go "trick-or-treating" with them. They're in a trailer court, so it's awesome for taking the kids out - you don't have to go very far to have tons of candy, not so much walking or being outside in the cold for the kids. It's perfect for us!
We thought of this the other night though - Myles will be coming with us! I hadn't really thought of it until I was "planning" today in my head. Then I realized that if we leave candy out on the front step and kids are coming up taking it... well, Myles might not be too pleased if he's here alone. So, he'll be tagging along. I'm sure he won't mind!
And tomorrow is Josh's birthday! I'll be making his favorite casserole for dinner and a cake for dessert - and of course there's some presents!


Zech's party - 10/22

We had Zech's birthday party yesterday! There were a few mishaps with the cake on Saturday night, but Josh helped me salvage things and it all worked out okay in the end. Zech was really happy with his cake, and that's what matters!
I think he had a lot of fun - got to play with his friends, got cake, got presents - what more can any 3 year old ask for?!
I'm uploading some pictures...
done! Enjoy!


Happy Birthday Zechariah Joshua!

Zech is 3 years old today!!
We're going to have cupcakes after supper tonight, and I have a present for him to open as well. We'll have a party for him on Sunday, with Jill, Reg, Jen, Paul, and the kids.



Hello All!
I'm uploading some pictures and videos right now... they should be ready for viewing momentarily! :o)
Things are fine here, though everyone has a bad cold. The kids are coughing a ton all night (Ruthie just started last night) and Josh has no voice! Interesting for the tv classes, I'm sure. I haven't gotten much yet, though I'm ready and waiting for it to hit me sometime soon.
Other than that, we're all doing well and just keeping busy.
My friend from Saskatoon was in Brandon and came over for a visit yesterday! All too short, but I know exactly what it's like to visit and have to see everyone in a short time. :o) Ruthie took some pictures, I'll have to see if I can get them uploaded from her camera online.



No big plans for today for us. The kids still have dance class tonight, it's Zech observation class! I'll be sure to get some sort of video to share with you all!
Josh has today off, back to work tomorrow, and back to "normal" for us.
Hope you all have a great thanksgiving - wish we were there to share turkey and stuffing with you!


Hello! - 10/03

I cannot BELIEVE that it's October all ready! It seems like just yesterday it was the end of school, now Josh has been back at work a month all ready. Wow!
We're busy, as always, getting here and there to all the kids' activities. Unfortunately swimming lessons were cancelled this past Saturday again (though another extra lesson will be added onto the end, so we won't really miss any). But we managed the weekend fine without any swimming! Hopefully things are back to normal with the pool and we'll be back to lessons this weekend. I know the kids miss it.
At dance class on Monday, Ruthie's class had their "observation day". So, Josh made the trek in after work to watch. She was very excited to see him there! Next week will be Zech's observation class, and since there's no school (thanksgiving) we'll all be able to go in together. I can't wait to get to watch Zechie!
We're all battling colds right now. Isaac, as usual, is the worst of all of us, and he's also got those last 3 teeth coming through, which I'm sure is adding to his misery. They're the same 3 teeth he was working on last month, but they took a break for a couple weeks. Now, they're back and definitely cutting through this time. He looks so different with so many teeth - such a big boy now!
Anyways, with the colds, we're having lots of coughing at night, which means a lot less sleep for all of us! Isaac is still in our bedroom, unfortunately, so we are laying awake the whole time he coughs. Of course, so is he, but at least we should sleep!
I'm not sure how moving the boys in together is going to work out. They're both quite poor sleepers, and I think they'll just wake each other up all the time. Of course, I thought Ruth and Zech would never work out, sharing a room, and they did great, so hopefully I'll be surprised. I think, all the same, we'll probably wait until Christmas break to try moving Isaac in - more time to work on things when Josh doesn't have to get up for work.
I just uploaded a few more pictures, and a video of Ruthie skipping at dance class - you sure can see a huge improvement there! Enjoy!