Nearly November! - 10/29

I can hardly believe it's almost November all ready. Wow. Time has flown by this fall, for me at least. I think I'm finally starting to get into the swing of things, getting Ruth to school each day, Zech to nursery school twice a week, getting everyone to dance and swimming, and just trying to keep things together and tidy around the house! Makes for a busy momma!
I think I was starting to get the hang of things before Ruthie started Grade 1, but that threw us for another loop - not necessarily a bad one, just a change to adapt to.
As far as that goes, she's doing very well with grade 1. She loves staying all day with the big kids, having lunch at school with everyone. I think she just feels more grown up, all in all. Unfortunately, we are having some interesting evenings with her at home, as she's getting tired out and quite grumpy come bedtime! But she's not been acting up at school at all, so I guess I'd prefer it this way, if I had to choose.
Zech's still having a great time going to nursery school. He had a bad day last Wednesday - wasn't listening to the teachers and did not get a sticker at the end of the morning - very disappointing for him, he was upset by it all that day! But yesterday and today, both, he's gotten a sticker at the end, so that's gotta be a good sign, I think!
At school today, he got to wear his Halloween costume and they went around town (only to 4 places, and the school) and got some candy, had a party. He had a good time, and was happy to share his candy with Isaac and Ruth, which was nice!
Tomorrow the boys and I will go to my MOTS (moms of tots) group at our church, we're having a "noah's ark" party. I am pretty sure Zech will be a lizard and Isaac will be a bunny (a pink bunny, but a darn cute one!) for this party. They have different costumes for Halloween, though!
Friday, Ruthie has her Halloween party at school, and then swimming (with school) in the afternoon. We're going to go Trick or Treating with our friends and their kids, which should be fun!
I promise I'll try to get pictures up as soon as I can, of the kids all dressed up!

Speaking of pictures, we do have some pictures from Zech's birthday supper and a few from his party at the pumpkin patch. Josh had some troubles with his new camera (not happy) and had to send it away to be fixed... so we didn't have it for the pumpkin patch. Jen had her camera and got some shots of the kids, I just don't have them yet to put on the computer. And, excuses I know, but we've been busy and haven't gotten a chance to get the ones we do have uploaded yet!
My apologies... but come try it, you'd be busy too!!


Zech is 4! - 10/17

Most importantly of all our newest news - Zechariah turned 4 years old yesterday! I can hardly believe how big he's getting. He was very excited about his birthday, and was very happy with some cupcakes and presents after supper! We're also hoping to go for the afternoon, on Sunday, with friends to a pumpkin patch and have a small cake to celebrate with them, too. Josh has some (I'm sure great) pictures from last night, and I'm sure he'll take some more on Sunday, but he hasn't gotten a chance to get them on the computer yet. After Sunday I'll start bothering him about these ones!

Our second important news is about Ruthie - she's been doing very well in school, in kindergarten, and even doing about half her morning work with the grade 1's. Josh and I talked about this at home, and finally I brought it up to her teacher- while we are happy that she's being accomodated and allowed to do the extra work, we're worried that, eventually, this is going to catch up with us/her, and we'll have to figure out moving her ahead. So, the teacher spoke with the resource teacher who agreed and felt we should have her do a more extensive assessment with Ruth, to see where she sits in all areas.
This was done on Tuesday the 7th. We met with the resource teacher, Ruth's teacher, and her principal on Friday the 10th.
The assessments showed that she is capable of working at a higher level that kindergarten. Her reading and understanding of language were both averaging around a 3rd grade level. Her "weaknesses" were in maths and actual writing, and even those she is working at a grade 1 level in. So, we chose to move her to grade 1.
On Tuesday the 15th, Ruthie had her 2nd first day of school this year! She's now a First Grader, and very happy to be one! We, and the teachers, all had expected some behavioural issues might arise due to this change, as she adapts to having to work harder, and also to full days in school, but she's had a great week this week!

And, last Monday was the kids' observation class at dance, so I've got some pictures and videos from those just getting on the net right now.
Ruthie did great, as usual. But the boys... well, not so much. They were okay for the first bit, when it was the whole class doing stuff, but when they did things individually both boys only lasted a few minutes and then we had to bring them out of class. In fact, they both ended up in the van for the remainder of the time there. It was not fun at all. The only thing I can think of that might have caused it was that there were all the extra people there watching the class (of course, as we were) and this might have made the boys uncomfortable? I'm not sure. But I do hope they go back to liking dance and having fun next Monday!