Ski trip!

The kids had a school ski trip in January. Josh was able to stay with the younger kids so I could drive the older ones this year! It's so fun to watch them work so hard and have a blast! This year was PERFECT weather, right around zero, so the kids skied for hours before even coming in for a break. Noone got too cold or too wet, just had a lot of fun!




phone pics ~ December

Dec 11
waiting for band kids to finish, snacks welcome!

waiting for Levi's preschool to be done, she loves playing in the snow!

Dec 12
kids' meal, Levi gets a toy

Piper gets a new hat!

Dec 14
doesn't everyone nap like this?

Dec 16

Dec 23
decorating sugar cookies for dessert!

Dec 24
Christmas Eve, a full tree! (and then Grandma and Grandpa came in the morning and filled it even more!

Ruth's band concert

Ruth had her band Christmas concert in early December - they have come a l.o.n.g way since last Christmas!! Wow!
(she's the flute on the end)


3 years...

3 years ago, on February 7, 2012
we said hello and goodbye to a tiny baby girl

never far from our thoughts,
forever in our hearts

Elliana Lucy


phone pics ~november~

blurry, but her new(to us) winter coat

and still growing room in last year's fleece suit!

all her idea! her very own desk!

reading - wherever does she get this from?!

Movember, anyone? Piper joins in.

She is such a "little mommy" ❤

And even a few videos from the month!
Zech & Piper playing with mommy's phone

Piper playing - love the goofy walking!

Piper got to be Levi's friend for "bring a friend day" at gymnastics - she LOVED it!!

Our "artist in the school" this year was an african drummer! The kids absolutely loved working with and learning from him!! At the end of the week, they even put on a little concert for parents, to demonstrate what they had learned through the week - very neat. Levi and Piper loved it too!
Zech & Isaac's class

Ruth's class

Even Levi got to try! (and yes, Piper fell while trying to climb onto the stage from my chair. She's fine!)

phone pics ~october~

Piper loves babies!

tried on her halloween costume - she wore it for hours - "cheese"

picnic at grandma & grandpa's house - "cheese"!

i love these smiles!

met a kitty walking to nursery school to pick up Levi - in her kitty sweater, to boot!

phone pics ~september~

perfect fit!

reading... always reading

blurry as heck, but look at that grin!

taking her baby for a ride!

ninja levi! this kid cracks me up!