oh dear - 03/25

Yesterday was an... interesting day. I took Levi and Isaac to town, for my MOTS group, in the morning. That went all right and afterwards we met a friend for lunch. Then I thought I'd stop at the mall and pick up a couple things before coming home to meet the older 2 after school. Everything was fine until we got to the last store.
We went in the store, as usual Isaac went one way to look at toys and I went the other to grab something for Levi with the baby things. I don't know exactly what confused Isaac - I did drop something and bent over to pick it up, maybe he looked for me then and didn't see me? - but he ended up leaving the store to look for me. I paid for Levi's stuff and went to where I thought Isaac was. He wasn't there. I looked all around the store. Not there. I went out of the store, looked both ways hoping to see him on a bench or by the fountain. Nope, not there. I started to walk off, to look for him, then realized it wouldn't help to run all over the mall looking by myself. I went back into the store I'd just left and asked them to call security.
Thank heavens, a lady had seen Isaac looking for me and had taken him to guest services. He was sitting there talking to the ladies when I came up - calm and happy until he saw me, then tears and more tears. Poor little guy.
He is fine now, and hopefully will remember never to leave a store without Josh or me!

So, looking for him and all that made me late getting home for Ruth and Zech - thankfully Zech stayed to play at the school for a good while and Ruthie went with a friend to walk their dogs. They were none the wiser that I was late!

To end off the day Levi decided to grab my glasses - yet again, this is a many-times-a-day thing - but yesterday was the "straw that broke" my glasses! I did keep my old black pair, and am wearing them now, so I am not blind. But these ones are quite worn, scratched and spotty.
Over spring break (next week) I will be making an eye appointment and looking into getting contacts again!


snow-kids and monkies! - 03/22

Last week Isaac asked to make a snowman. We bundled up and walked down to meet Ruth and Zech after school, then came home and started working on them. Ruthie and Zech joined us and made ones, too.
All the "snow-kids"
Levi's (Isaac made this one, too)

This morning while Isaac was at nursery school I was tidying up and came into the living room to find this
Yes, a baby.
On a cardboard box (how was it not collapsing?!).
Just standing there, reaching all sorts of new... heights.
Ha, ha.
Oh, the look of innocence on that face - what? who?
Me? No way.


some old pictures - 03/15

we got new cell phones - mine is pink! with flowers!!
but that's not the point.
Josh took all the old pictures off of my old cell phone.

Dec 2007!
Zech is 3yrs old, Isaac 1.5

March 17, 2008 - 3 years ago Thursday!
Isaac at dance, 22 months old

April 2008, Isaac is 23 months old
Isaac took this next one himself!

May 2008, Isaac is (nearly) 2

June 2008, Isaac is 2 years old

Sept 2008

Sept 2009, Isaac is 3.5

July 2010, Levi

Sept 2010, Levi is 3 months old

Oct 2010, Levi 4 months

Nov 2010, Levi 5 months old

Dec 2010, Levi 5.5 months old

And that's it... until Josh figures out how to get the pictures off my new camera without costing more $$!!