just a quick video from the pumpkin patch - levi jumping the bales and isaac disappearing into the tunnel!


Happy 9th Birthday, Zech!

Zech's birthday was last week on the 16th. Like always, we had our family "party" on his birthday with supper, presents, and cake. Oh yeah, and Piper helped with the balloons... because that's what they recommend, right?
babies + balloons?!!

opening gifts

his cake - a "z pod 9"!

We have been wanting to go to the pumpkin patch for a day together, and Zech said he wanted to have a birthday party there, so we invited a few friends along. We went on Saturday and had a great day! It wasn't warm, but wasn't too cold, and thankfully the weather held off just long enough - as we were walking to the vehicles it started to rain!
playing on the bale pyramid!
all the kids (Levi, Zech, Mason, Grace, Ruth, Luke, Isaac)




(it looks like Gracie just kicked him in this one - she didn't!!!)

Miss Pea sitting on the bales with kids jumping all around her!

big trikes

zip line!


Mason & Zech

Ruth & Luke

corn maze teepee

target practice

I really love the pictures we got of the little ones in the pumpkins ❤

and a new family photo!!!


Piper Ann ❤ 6 months

Miss Pea was 6 months old on Sunday.
It's absolutely unbelievable that we've all ready had half a year with this little doll... a wonderful surprise that we never knew we needed... but, oh, how our hearts needed her to help us heal.
Piper is rolling everywhere now, getting on all 4's and rocking (though she goes backwards much more often than she goes forwards!), screaming and "talking", yelling at the kids, laughing and giggling and melting everyone's heart with her smiles!

love her feet here


Look how she's grown!
8 days old

1 month

2 months

3 months

4 months

5 months

6 months