Hoppy Easter!

(better late than never)

We had a pretty quiet, laid back, Easter this year. The kids woke up to baskets of goodies, and they each had 8 eggs hidden around the house. Normally we do all the eggs, everywhere, but then we have to make sure everyone is awake before they start searching, everyone only can find so many eggs, and the big kids have to leave all the easy-to-find ones for the littler kids. This time around we decided to give each kid one color of egg, and then we were able to hide them easier for Levi and Piper, while making it harder for the older kids - best part, Isaac didn't have to wait for everyone else to get up before he could hunt for his eggs! (He's always always the first kid up.)


more photos of baby Jack

Jack started smiling a few weeks ago, and is just getting better and better - his smiles get bigger and bigger! Everyone loves to see him smile at them.

caught a yawn!

smiling at Zech

Jack's got a great "elvis lip"!!


I love to use a sling to carry and snuggle my babies, but my poor old blue sling was just getting worn out - literally, there were spots wearing right through! I decided to get myself an early birthday present and found this one ❤

This is the outfit he wore home from the hospital - he's grown so much!

more smiles!

he's always got his little tongue going

and Miss Pea is never far from her baby!

he makes her look so small! (and he's not that big himself)

Happy Birthday Isaac!

Isaac turned 9 on May 19th! He had a great birthday, he told us!
He chose to have waffles, french toast, bacon, and sausages for supper. Grandma and Grandpa joined us for dinner, cake, and presents!
(Minor mishap/miscalculation with the cake - I was planning to use fondant for decorating, but the icing (though very yummy!) wasn't strong enough to hold fondant up. Photos were quickly taken and the sides were removed from the cake!)
his Minecraft cake

gifts! he's been asking for a real briefcase for ages!

and a cool surprise inside - "circuit-scribe"!

waiting for cake

blowing out candles!

9 whole years, crazy. Only one year away from double-digits!
Enjoy it, Bub! Have a wonderful year!!