True to the theme of our year so far (that being "so damn close") Josh's mom had a good day at the school, a good interview, and then they gave the job to someone else. We are all disappointed, to say the least.
As well, Josh is still dealing with a bunch of crap about this year. There are terribly rude emails (like the kinds of things that you just know they wouldn't ever say to someone's face - general rule, if you wouldn't say it to their face, don't write it either) and not much help from the principal. He is dealing with it by going through the right channels (unions reps and whatnot) but it is very stressful and upsetting for both of us.

Today is the last day of school for the kids - they are off for swimming at a water park and a pizza party for lunch. They're all very excited! I am excited too... that I don't have to make breakfast and lunches all at the same time for a couple months!!
Josh and I are taking advantage of his mom being here and going to Regina tomorrow - for the night!! We haven't had a night away from all the kids in... ever? We'll be going to watch Josh's brother's play and then staying in a hotel. I'm all nervous and planning what to wear


Things are busy here, but wrapping up for summer vacation.

The kids' award's night for school was on Friday - supper at the hall, awards, watching the school video (one of the teachers does up a video with photos and video clips from the whole year, each family gets a copy... like a live yearbook, very awesome). It was decided to have a bonfire in the park afterwards and lots of parents and kids went. Of course our kids wanted to join everyone. I stayed home to get Levi to bed (it was 9:30 and he was more than ready for bed) and Josh took the kids over. He and Isaac stayed until 10:00, then came home to get Isaac to bed. Ruth and Zech were allowed to stay longer - until after the fireworks! What a cool way to end the school year!
Technically it's not over, there still is school this week until Thursday, but this is just wrapping things up. Their last day, Thursday, they'll be going to a waterpark for swimming and having a pizza party for lunch!

Today Josh drove to the city to pick up his mom. She has flown in for an interview at a school about an hour away from us. She's staying until next Sunday, so we may hear word back before she goes home. It would be wonderful to have them living near us. The kids didn't know she was coming, not even when Josh said goodbye this morning, so they were pretty excited to see her come in with him when he got home!

And I finally got photos uploaded and ready to share, enjoy!

Levi... he's cute. That's all.

Papa & Levi on the 4wheeler. Levi liked it, he just still wasn't feeling 100% yet.

He liked to eat breakfast on this stool in the kitchen, while I made my coffee. Love the crossed ankles!

He had lots of fun visiting and playing with my cousin's little girl, Leanne!
like riding her powerwheels 4 wheeler
He even went for a 4-wheeler ride with Leanne and Trevor!

We visited my Great-aunt Marjorie (my Gram's sister) and Charlie - Levi made them smile and laugh, even at such a hard time.
Nana & Papa's neighbour brought her horse to visit Levi - he pet her and gave her a kiss
and fed her carrots!
Levi & Leanne - and Ryan walking through (that's Leanne's brother)

these 2 were so cute together! They remind me a lot of me and Trevor

Levi with Nana & Papa at square dancing!
Levi and Laurie (a friend of my parents, the caller that night)

Levi and Dr Peter went for a walk to see "da l'ocean"

Levi and Dr Peter
Nana, me, Levi, Dr Peter, Ann (Peter's wife) on the deck of the (gorgeous!!!) yellow house
Levi loved this big rock

he had to pick it up... Dr Peter helped!
Levi with Nana & Papa
talking to Daddy on the phone
telling Daddy about the "airplane in da washing 'chine"
cute... and tired...

Nana tries to show Levi '2'
he thinks she's crazy
It really was a good trip... even under the circumstances. Levi still asks almost every day where Nana and Papa are - I can't wait to see how happy he is when they get here next month!