Things have been busy here - skating lessons, back to school and dance classes, and we went to Winnipeg on Sunday and stayed over for Ruthie's cardiology appointment.
The appointment went very well - no abnormalities were found, the cardiologist said it sounds like she has benign fainting (there is a medical term for it... I don't remember it). We just need to keep salt in her diet, a litre of water/fluids or gatorade each day. Apparently this usually shows in teens, but has in a few younger children. They have all grown out of it, basically when they're all done growing - so this is something we'll have to do until she's about 17. While there is medication available for it, it's much better to manage it with diet. If that doesn't seem to be working, then we'll try other options.
Levi went swimming for the first time at the hotel! He really liked it, splashing and kicking. He loved the kiddie pool, being able to pull up standing along the sides! There's a video on the other site, of all the kids in the pool.
And a few other pictures from the past week or so...


Levi ~ 7 months old! - 01/14

Levi is 7 months old today!

He's such a happy little guy!

He likes (and wants!) anything we have...
like the camera!

He's got great smiles, but a good straight face too!

His right hand - with his thumb and middle finger together?
He does this all the time, fiddles and rubs his thumb and middle and ring fingers, with his pointer stuck out. Silly guy.

Now he's just gonna come get the camera himself!
He's really working on the crawling!

Happy New Year! - 01/14 (2011!!)

This will be a big update,
lots of pictures.
Just warning ya!

December 21
Levi saw Santa for the first time at the Christmas Concert!
At first he was happy - I think he didn't know who had him...
Then he turned and felt the beard...
Then it was NOT okay!
But we left him to get these shots - tsk, tsk.
But, really, how funny is this?!

Christmas Eve
The kids get to open one gift at bedtime - Christmas jammies and a new story.

Merry Christmas!
Levi's 1st Christmas!!
A first for our kids - Levi was not overwhelmed at all Christmas morning. He loved being in the middle of everything, ripping the paper and playing with his new things! In fact, we thought he'd never had a happier day!

New Year's
We spent New Year's Eve at home, just the 6 of us.
Rented a movie (Shrek Forever After) and had a movie & munchie nite with the kids, after dinner and playing a board game.
We had those pull-cracker things and used those after the movie - "3-2-1, Happy New Year!" The boys wore their paper crowns to bed.
Levi didn't make it to the end of the movie, Zech and Isaac went to bed around 11, Ruthie at 11:30.

Levi's trying so hard to get on all 4's!

January 2
Just Levi...

January 10
Levi has been sleeping in the bassinet/playpen in our room. We finally got around to getting a new crib mattress and putting the crib up on the weekend.
Levi loves his new "playground" - he's very happy to sit in there for 10minutes, playing with the fish music box and bouncing on the mattress.
...and then he figured this out, too...

...and does he ever like it!

January 12
Levi, and Zech in there too.
Levi loves all the kids, but there's something special between Zech and him.
They're pretty good buddies.

And then he managed to do this...

Sorry it's so dark, but can you see him grinning over there?! What a turkey!!!
He's still trying hard to crawl - he can get easier to all 4's now, and yesterday he nearly had it! A video is soon to come, I'm sure.

And, as almost always, there are more of these pictures (especially from Christmas morning) on the other site.

Happy New Year, all. Welcome to 2011!