Merry Christmas!

... from our family to yours!


photo catch-up!

Yes, again. I'm busy, what can I say. Can't keep up with the photos in regular posts!
Isaac & Piper

who is that moustached baby?!

Ruth waiting to play at her first band concert

after bath Pea!

making a mess!

but then she noticed the camera! you can see her tooth there!

helping Dada with the Christmas photos

And I just got it finished! Piper's Christmas stocking!!! I love it!!!!!


Piper Ann ❤ 8 months

8 months all ready?! Craziness.
Miss Pea is such a sweetie! She's getting bigger, and more mobile every day - she's so fast crawling everywhere! She gets into everything, making messes and trouble, but amazingly (and wonderfully!) she leaves the Christmas tree alone!!! Yay!!!
Her first tooth is just popping up so you can see it when she smiles - very cute! Her 2nd tooth seems to be taking its time, which is just fine with us. Teething was not fun!
She's pulling up on everything, walking along everything, waving and clapping, and she says hi, daddy, mama, isaac, sissy, and kisses!


Look how she's grown! (this list is getting long, so I'll pare them down a bit)
8 days old

2 months

4 months

7 months

8 months


first tooth!

We've had some sleepless nights with a teething little Pea... who's not quite as sweet when she's screaming at 2am! I tried to get some photos to show her poor little gum. Easier said than done, but I got a couple that show it, and a few cute shots to boot.

see that bump in there?

It's been about a week since these photos and the tooth is through - not quite far enough to see in pics yet but enough to feel when she decides to bite your finger!


november phone pics

Some pics from my phone last month!
the little ones at lunch with Mommy

Pea practising standing

Piper and some brothers!

sleeping Princess

Pea and her Grandpa

girls' night out for Ruthie's birthday!

more standing

Levi helping at the grocery store!!
He did this all by himself, while I was putting the groceries in the van.

groceries tired them both out

my handsome boys got haircuts last weekend! Levi charmed the hair dresser and she let him draw in her notebook