couple new videos - 07/08

I just got 2 new videos uploaded - they're on June 16 - Zech riding his bike with no training wheels! He's had much more practice since those, and is much more stable, but this is him starting out.

We're busy here. I'm trying to plan, even though I can't really start packing much yet. I'm hoping we'll be able to get the camper set up in the driveway tonight so I can start getting the beds made and a few things moved into it. If I can get a little bit done every day, there won't be all that much left come Monday morning - just jammies and toothbrushes.
We're still hoping to get on the road Monday, as early as we can. Hopefully everything (and everyone!!) will cooperate and we'll set out beginning of next week!


Summer and pictures!!! - 07/01

And Happy Canada Day, too!
Just got all the pictures up this morning. All of June! The fair, eating ice cream, the kids learning to ride their bikes without training wheels, and Zech's nursery school graduation!

As for us, Zech had a blast at kindergarten orientation. He's very excited to be able to go every day in Sept. Ruthie's last day of school was Monday - swimming and pizza party, she had a ton of fun even though it was a little chilly (for me, anyways!). Josh had to go to school yesterday - admin day - and now he's done too!