some pics, no videos yet, and an announcement! - 12/14

Finally got some new pictures up. We took new christmas pictures of the kids yesterday morning and while Josh was getting those done up on his computer, I reminded him of Sept and Oct not being all done. So, those are up on dropshots now. I think he finished Nov, too, but I'll have to see where those ones are tonight.
I just remembered, while getting these done, that I have videos from the kids' observation classes at dance. I'll need to charge my camcorder (I'm sure), then I should be able to get them online too.

Things are really busy here, and, for the most part, going okay. The kids are busy practicing for the concert - this Thurs night - and they've wrapped their presents for their "secret santas" at school - even Isaac gets to do one!
Unfortunately, our van started troubles again (much like the gear/transmission troubles in April... that were apparently NOT fixed as we were told). Basically the kids and I were stranded in town last Monday night after dance. Josh couldn't come for us, as his car is small and does not fit 3 car seats in the back. We ended up calling Jen and Paul - they came and he towed us with his truck to the dealership, and they lent us their van for a few days. We got that back to them Thursday night, but we still haven't got our van back.
I have lots of questions for the dealership - not the least of which is wondering why they didn't actually fix this issue in the spring, and why they're refusing to cover any repair costs now - but I will end up telling them they're lying to us... so I'm going to wait until after the van is fixed and we have it back! We're hoping to have them settle for covering at least some, if not all, the costs.
And, no, they offer no courtesy vehicles. In spite of a lot full of brand new vechicles.
We are not pleased with them at all.

Last, but most definitely not least, Isaac wants to show you his new shirt...

Yes, you read it right!
We're due in the first week (ish) of June.
We haven't actually told anyone, until now, just let people notice if they do. People around us are starting to notice (I'll show you why later in the week) and so we wanted to share with everyone.
The kids are all excited... and all want a girl. I have no idea what we'll do if it's not - the older 2 say that they suppose that might be all right, Isaac suggested that "someone else will want him"!!!



It's been a long while since I updated this blog. We've been busy!
The kids are getting things all ready for the school Christmas concert - practising plays, they're very excited. The concert is next week, the 17th. Then they have their last day (and Josh's!) on the 18th and we're off for a couple weeks. They'll have their Christmas parties and whatnot that last day. Isaac even gets his own party at nursery school, though his is on the 16th - the last nursery school day before break.
Josh's aunt came to stay with the kids yesterday so that Josh and I could go into Winnipeg and do some Christmas shopping. We ended up getting almost everything we were looking for and are pretty much done shopping for the kids. The few things we have left to get - a couple stocking stuffers, and a couple gifts for the Neufelds still - we can get in Brandon. Hopefully we'll be able to finish up completely this weekend! We're debating only doing stockings for each other for Christmas morning, well that and letting the kids pick one thing for each of us, and then getting a couple things that we need (like a new DVD player) after Christmas when boxing day sales start. But I'd like to put something under the tree for Josh - we'll see.

We are w.a.y behind on pictures, I know. Josh and Paul have been busy hunting every weekend they could (got 2 deer between them) and I have no clue how to do his pictures up. So there's still lots from October (Zech's birthday and halloween) and from November (Ruth's birthday supper) to get online. We'll get there.
For now, I took a few pictures of our yard this morning - we have SNOW now. We went to bed on Nov 30 with grass. Nothing more. Woke up Dec 1 to a dumping of snow - welcome winter, I guess!

the front yard and road

the back yard - the kids have been playing out there!