more pictures - 07/29

Some pictures from Josh's camera, from the past few weeks...
there are more on these dates on the other site,
but these are some highlights!

July 7
Levi loves the shower and usually comes in daily with either Josh or I.
This time he fell asleep in there with me.
This is my favorite shot.
a close up.

July 14
Little guy is getting better holding his head up.

July 15
Levi napping in his bassinet
(Isaac says it's Levi's "crib")

July 25
grumpy boy, complaining about something or another
but still gives Mommy some smiles.

July 29
just a cute shot,
we were trying for his big pout again...
we missed it.


got them! - 07/28

The pictures, I mean. Got things to work. Darn these computers!

Ruthie was holding Levi the other day,
and we got a decent shot of his little pout.
This isn't as big as it can get, but pretty good.
Levi looking big in his car seat!
Oh, and I have no idea why that picture is so much bigger.

Zech and Isaac's bunk beds - Zech's on top, Isaac's on bottom
The boys playing Lego in their room - see Isaac's head?!
(he's in the orange shirt)



Levi is 6 weeks old now. He's a great little guy, smiling and "talking" lots to all of us!
I've gotten a few more new pictures up on the other site, along with all these pictures I've posted on here these past 6 weeks. And a video from the other day of Levi, as well. I did try to get some on here, but my computer is not "playing nice" right now... maybe tomorrow it will cooperate.

Josh's parents left last Wednesday for BC - we've missed them greatly. It was wonderful to have them here with us for such a long (and very good) visit. We loved having them here, they helped us out a whole bunch, and the kids (of course) loved having all that extra-special attention. Before they left, Josh and his dad got the bunk beds put up for Zech and Isaac. They've been really happy to have their "new" beds and most nights bedtime is going well. (picture of the beds up on the other site)

I finally got a chance to get Zech's and Josh's head shaved on Sunday - their hair was getting long, and they were feeling the heat! So, off it came.
Isaac has always been... or at least seemed scared of the clippers and having his head shaved, so we've not done it in a couple years - instead we've let his hair grow and get it cut every once in a while. But he loved his brother and Dad's hair, calling them "half bald", and asked if he could be "half bald" too. I gave him some time to really think about it, and told him if his hair was bothering him in his eyes (it was getting long in the front) I could cut the front for him.
Yesterday morning he woke up and asked almost right away if I could make him half bald that day. He asked a few more times through the morning, very sure he wanted it done, so we went out and shaved his hair all off.
He did well - it was much harder on me than on him! And he loves his hair like this - keeps rubbing his head! I'm not sure if he'll keep it up, but for now he's "half bald" and liking it. I would be fine with him growing his hair out again, as he doesn't really look like himself with a shaved head!
(picture of him on the other site)

I will try again to add the pictures tomorrow!


some pictures - 07/22

After fighting with my computer the past couple days I was able to get a few pictures up to share - Josh has a few more on his camera that I need him to edit for online as well.

Levi is 5 and a half weeks old now. Time is flying by, as it does, and he's changing and growing so much, so fast. It's bittersweet - losing that little scrunched up newborn boy... but yet getting to see and know his wonderful personality - our Levi.
He's a happy boy nearly always. He's smiling and grinning at us (Isaac loves when Levi smiles at him), he coos at us and sticks his tongue out to "talk" to us. A few times he's even nearly laughed.
He sleeps pretty good at night and has one long nap in the middle of the day and sometimes in the late afternoon/evening. He is a big cat-napper, falling asleep for 10 minutes and waking up bright eyed - but he loves to be held and cuddled the whole time, asleep or awake, and gets angry if we try to put him down.
I've been trying to catch smiles on camera, and finally succeeded in getting a couple this week - enjoy... we sure are!

July 19
baby Levi "talking" to Mommy
Levi and Isaac -
he loves being a big brother so much!
beautiful smile
serious boy
almost laughing!
smile, happy boy

July 20
sleeping all stretched out - hot day!


1 month old?! - 07/15

Baby Levi was one month old yesterday!
In so many ways it seems like just yesterday he was born... and yet in other ways it seems like it's been forever ago that we met this sweet little guy.


4 weeks?! - 07/12

Levi is 4 weeks old today.

Tomorrow is his 4 week/1 month Dr appointment. I'm eager to see what he's weighing now - not that there's any worries, with the rolls appearing on his little arms and thighs!


pictures! - 07/07

Very first off - Happy Birthday Papa!
and now to the pictures...

Levi is 3 weeks old and 2 days old today.

June 24, 2010
while napping in the swing...


and napping in the nursing pillow...

June 25, 2010
Levi's first bath in the sink...

we think he likes it...
he didn't cry anyways...

this is just a really neat picture Josh took of the sky that day,
as storm clouds rolled in and over us!

June 28, 2010
more napping in the swing for Levi...

and another bath in the sink...
we finally found a bear sponge mat!


trying to focus on his own nose!

and baths always tire him out...
more napping...

sleeping soundly...

on Mom and Dad's bed...

but bright-eyed later that evening!

June 29, 2010
napping in his car seat...

i love his little pouty lips!

the lady who made the blankies for him
also made him this little matching hat!

July 1, 2010
Levi, napping again...
newborns sleep a lot - I'd forgotten this!

but he's cool, even in his sleep...

little tucked hands...

all snuggled up...

July 3, 2010
napping with Daddy...

July 6, 2010
He's working so hard to hold his head up!

trying to look around...

sleeping like a "race car" on the couch...
his little bum stuck way up in the air!


Happy Canada Day! - 07/01

And happy July - wow.
Everyone is now really done school - the older 2 kids had their last day on Tuesday (swimming, pizza party, park playing!) and had a blast. Josh had his last day of work yesterday - and then came home to make a beautiful birthday supper for me complete with a DQ ice cream cake for dessert!!! Yummy!
Now we're just going to sit back, relax, and enjoy our summer vacation - and our new baby boy, of course.
And Patti (Josh's mom) is flying in to Winnipeg next week as well. We're all excited to see her!

The pictures haven't been edited yet, with Josh's ear and him finishing work the past few days. I'm hoping he'll be able to get them done up today and I can get them on. I'll also try to do a big photo/video dump on the other site - if my computer cooperates. I should get a video or 2 of Levi, just to show you how much cuter he can be when hes moving!

Levi has nearly mastered holding his head up - he tries so hard to look around, all wide-eyed. He loved to be held upright, to "stand up" with his legs. He seems like another "goer" - I keep telling him Isaac waited until he was over a year to walk, and I don't mind him waiting that long too. I'm not sure he's listening!

Levi had his 2 week well baby check on Tuesday - everything looks fine. He's now up to 9lb 10oz (though that was with a diaper, but still certainly well above his birth weight), and is 22.5" long. All parts are working and moving right.
We go back in another 2 weeks for another check.

Speaking of appointments (and Winnipeg) - we haven't heard anything yet about Ruthie's Ped referral. I didn't expect to hear anything right away, that's why I wanted to get it in the works quickly. I expect to hear something in the next week or 2 - if not, I will be asking about it more at Levi's next appointment.