this week...

The boys got ready for school really quickly this morning and had 10 minutes to play their games before having to leave the house!

love Levi's face in this one!

Piper had her 2 month baby check on Wednesday; she was 12lbs 9oz and 22.5 inches. Growing well, getting wonderful chubby thighs!! She also got 2 needles - poor chickie - but other than a little fever the first day she doesn't seem to be reacting at all.

And, biggest news! Ruthie (finally!) got her ears pierced! She's been wanting it done for years, and we were waiting to get it done with a needle but after calling around we found out we'd have to go to a tattoo/piercing place for it... and she'd have to be 13. Josh and I decided that's too much longer to make her wait, so we got it done with a gun at a local salon - come to find out the gun has changed a lot since I last had a gun-piercing, and I'm not as worried about it now.
(isn't she pretty?!)

This has nothing to do with the kids, but was very pretty - and you know it had to be cool looking because it involved a spider... and I took a picture of it - a dew-covered web on one of my lower baskets this morning.

Tonight is the school 'awards night' - supper, book and award presentations, usually a video of stuff from the year - then only 4 more days of school left before summer vacation!!! (well, for us. Josh has an extra day in his division.)


Levi is 3!!!

Levi had his 3rd birthday yesterday! This little guy is so funny, a great kid to be around - and I get to hang out with him all day! He's my little buddy, always helping me out when I need it... and sometimes when I don't!
We started his day the night before - decorating the dining room and his bedroom door, and Josh blew up all the balloons (20!) and we put them all over his bedroom floor - he was very happy (and a little confused) to find them in the morning - "I waked up and there was 'loons all over the floor! For mine birthday!" :) Then Grandma and Grandpa joined us for supper, cake, and presents.
He'd asked me to make a '3' cake. When I showed it to him he said "WHOA!!! ... I don't know what letter that is." I asked him what he told me to make for his cake and he said "Oh! A number 3. It's a 3!" :D

waiting for the cake

blowing out the candles

he got icing on his arm - he doesn't like icing!


this big one...

was an Ice Cream Truck to color and play in!

Happy Birthday, Levi! We sure love you, Snickerdoodle!


Piper Ann ❤ 2 months

our Sweet P is 2 months old today ❤
having a bath!

on Grammie's quilt

8 days old

1 month old

2 months old

playing at grandma & grandpa's

June 7th
Levi & Isaac

Miss Piper

Ruth and Zech were there, too - but they snuck inside to watch tv!


On Sunday, we all went to the 'open house' at the bible camp the kids will be going to this summer - the kids are even more excited to go now!!
The camp looks nice - everything is well taken care of, cabins are nice, bathrooms are clean, lots of field space for games and lots of play stuff for younger ones - but more importantly (for the kids!) there is TONS to do! A friend of ours was giving motor-boat rides - I even went for a ride with Piper in the wrap on me (she liked it)!, they had canoes out (unfortunately Isaac didn't get a chance to go, he wanted to really badly), a rock climbing wall (Ruth and Zech both made it all the way to the top!), a zip-line (Ruth and Zech did this as well), archery (Isaac got to shoot a couple arrows!), and a stable for horse-riding (Ruth wanted to check this out but didn't get a chance - she was bummed). When the kids are there for camp there will also be crafts for them to do, outdoor sports and games, and water-sports (skiing, boarding, tubing)! There definitely shouldn't be much boredom at this camp!
Silly me though, didn't grab my camera for any photos. You'll have to wait until we go back out this year for some pics there!
But, I've got more pics from this week...
June 1st

June 3rd
Levi & Piper

maybe my fav ❤

June 5th
nice enough for outside!

happy girl!!!