Another busy week - 02/28

It's been a very busy week for us, busier than usual even, with Isaac and Ruthie dancing in the festival of the arts and Zech's hockey game on Thursday. Most of what is new on the dropshots site are videos from the week, but there are a couple pictures of Isaac and Ruthie in costume. I, however, forgot to get a picture of Ruthie in her tap costume - it's awesome, though, you'll see in the video!

And we got Dad's sled hood and seat just fine... but I won't post those pictures here!


Levi is 8 months old! - 02/16

Happy Valentine's Day, although a bit late - and Levi was 8 months old on the 14th as well!
We've been busy with normal everything - dance classes, skating lessons - and last Friday we had our friends' 2 youngest kids (6 and 4, the same ages as Zech and Isaac) for the afternoon and a sleepover. They stayed through Saturday, came to Isaac's nursery school Valentine's party at the rink that afternoon. Unfortunately, Zech had troubles and ended up leaving the rink heading to bed at home. Josh took the other kids home, and took Isaac and Ruth along - they got to go on a sleigh ride out in the bush, and got to stop for a bon fire and marshmallow roasting! Isaac was so excited when he got home! I'm only sad I had to miss it. Ah well, maybe next time.
So, all that, and just when I thought things were going to slow down today (no after school activities) the phone rang - it was Zech's teacher, Zech had said he wasn't feeling well just minutes before but it was nearly the end of the day. He said he'd try to make it, but then he vomited. Poor guy. I rushed Isaac and Levi out to the van to go pick Zechie up. He has vomited a few more times, had some Gravol. He says his belly doesn't hurt or anything at all now (10:30pm) and was asking to go to bed. Fingers are crossed that he gets a good night's sleep.
And I would say fingers are crossed that this bug doesn't pass through the house - but I'm not sure we have that luck. This has certainly been our year for sickness in the house. Yuck.

Now on to better (and cuter!) things - pictures! Also, there are a few new videos on the other site too! I bet you've never seen such adorable singing and dancing or peek-a-boo-ing!

Feb 7
Levi almost always gets some naked time before bedtime, after the older kids are all in bed. He loves it!
This might we put some music on the tv, he loved that too!
You must go watch the videos from then - too cute!
Although, obviously, you are forewarned about the birthday suit!

Feb 14
Levi ~ 8 months old!
I love this picture of him!
But it took some work to get... he just loves to sit still for a photo now.
But we managed a couple more good shots later on that day...

Feb 15
See this?
It's perfect for playing drums with...
and for teething!
Levi got his first tooth on the weekend!
It was just breaking through end of last week, but finally came through enough to see on the weekend.
Can you see it in there?!
And just because I like this picture... and I love this kid!


February all ready?!! - 02/04

Seems like just yesterday it was Christmas (heck, summer!) and now it's coming up on Valentine's Day, goodness. We're all doing well here, got through a really cold snap last week, back warmer the past couple days, though it's supposed to get cold again next week. Yuck, winter.
Today was supposed to be the older kids (Ruth and Zech) school ski trip - I was planning to take Levi and go with them (not skiing), Isaac was going to go to our friends' house for the day. But last night (after it nicely warmed up) it rained... then froze! The highways are closed from Saskatchewan to Winnipeg, and north of Brandon. So, no skiing today. I am hoping that they'll find another day to reschedule - there should certainly be plenty of days to choose from, lots of winter left. The older 2 were bummed, but all right when they realized that the teachers will most likely try to go again soon. Isaac, on the other hand, was more upset than they were! He's been looking forward to going to the Neufeld's all week and wasn't quite so appeased to know that there still will be a ski trip and he'll still have to go there for the day!

Other than that, we've just been doing school and skating - the kids are doing even better this year! Ruth's doing normal skating lessons and then precision (figure skating) this year - she's having a lot of fun learning new steps and starting spins and jumps! Isaac is doing skating lessons, as he has the past couple years - he's gotten a bunch faster and isn't falling as much this year all ready! And Zech is doing "power skating" for lessons instead of the CanSkate lessons, this other one is more hockey basics than figure skating - much more his speed (no pun intended)! He's also going for "mini sticks" each Thursday night - they do a few hockey drills (passing the puck, stick handling, etc) and then have a scrimmage. They also get to have a couple games against another small town's mini sticks team. We went there last week - we win-ded the game! Zech had a blast playing! (it's a dark picture, but here he is all decked out in his hockey gear! Too cute!!)

There are a few more pictures on the other site, and Josh was able to tape Zech's first shift on ice!

Speaking of videos, there are a few more than that I added today...
Jan 7 - Levi (sort of!) playing Peek-a-Boo - if you listen closely in the first few seconds he says "boo"
Jan 14 - Levi getting the remote (crawling)
Jan 18 - even better crawling!
Jan 26 - just Levi
Jan 27 - Zech's hockey game
Feb 3 - check out this kid's crawling now!!!

And some pictures (more over there!)...
Leave Isaac with an empty laundry basket and a baby and...
Just Levi, being his cute goofy little self!

See? Goofy!