Well, not so lately first - a few photos of the kids dancing with Uncle Mat and Aunt Tiffany when they were visiting last month!

and more recently...
funny face kid - she huffs and puffs while making this face, making it even funnier!

Levi & Piper - he loves to cuddle her. She loves to be cuddle... sometimes.




Our girls together - Piper can do it on her own, but it was so cute she was holding Ruth's hand and leading her around the house.

But she can definitely do it all on her own!


Piper Ann ❤ 11 months

Miss Pea was 11 months old last week - only another few weeks until 1 year?! How time flies...

Piper is walking everywhere now, preferring walking to crawling every time. She is such a sweet baby; happy and loves to be snuggled and cuddled by everyone. She has her times when only Mama will do though - and Mama is okay with that!
She's pointing now (so cute! I had forgotten how much I love pudgy pointers!), getting into everything, "driving" cars, and waving hi. She really loves babies, loves to cuddle and rock baby dolls and her monkey, and loves to watch and pet real babies too!

oh-so-cute pointing!


Look how she's grown!
8 days old

2 months

7 months

9 months

11 months



Ruth had her first gymnastics competition on Feb. 1st. We were lucky that Grandma was able to come to the house to stay with the boys so Josh and I could both go with Ruth to the competition! (and Piper came, too, of course.)
Ruthie did so well! She did 4 events; beam, floor, bars, and vault.


Uneven Bars

Floor routine
She ended up with 2 silver ribbons, 2 bronze ribbons, and a bronze medal overall! We are so proud of her!
waiting for ribbon & medal presentation

Ruth receiving her medal

great job girls!!!

Christmas Concert ~ 2013

We were able to get a new computer this week to replace my old, broken, always saying it's unplugged and dying, wouldn't let me get videos up to share without overheating and shutting down, computer. Hooray! So, we have to play a bit of catch-up now!

These are from the school Christmas concert, obviously back in December.
Isaac's class

Zech's class

Ruth's band class (the kids from our school)


snow play!

Yes, it has been winter and we've had snow for months all ready. However, it's also been too cold for any good outside play for the younger kids. Finally (fingers crossed, knock on wood, and all that!) spring is coming and our temps are much nicer! We were able to get outside to play at Grandma & Grandpa's house yesterday afternoon...

Then we walked to a nearby park with a small hill for sledding!
snow tasting!

Levi sledding

Ruthie & Piper sledding!

phone pics ~ february

(I've all ready posted some of these photos, but I'm just putting them all together to keep track myself! Sorry for any ones you're seeing again!)

1st pigtail!

valentine's day - "daddy's sweet❤"

playing with Uncle Mat

with Uncle Mat & Aunt Tiffany