the christmas concert - 12/21

Ruthie did wonderful! I wish you all had been there to share it with us. She did a great job, and many people came up to us, and her, afterwards to say how wonderful she reads!!! Actually, quite a few parents were amazed, saying that their own child was in school and can't read nearly that well. I'm so glad she did well, I think she was proud.
She did tell me, when we got home, that she was a bit scared with everyone staring at her, but, honestly, it didn't show at all. She did look at Josh and I many more times than one, but she just did great and read well and clear.
I'm getting a few pictures uploaded (of her before we left for the concert) and the video of their play. I was able to hold the shutter button down for the whole thing!
That being said, we think a small camcorder might need to be a gift to ourselves before next year's concert - especially since we'll have 2 in it!
I'm hoping the video will go through. It says it's still "uploading" right now. But keep checking back, if it's not there - I'll get it to work eventually!!


we're still here! - 12/20

Well, things have been busy here. Ken (josh's dad) was here helping us deal with things. He got Josh a new car (Merry Christmas!! Yay!) for work, which is awesome. This is the car - a 2003 Kia Rio.
Unfortunately, the night after he left, Isaac woke up vomiting. He was sick all night and into the morning. Finally he stopped and we thought he might be getting over things, but then he started again Saturday night, at bedtime. This continued into Sunday morning. We took him in to a walk-in clinic in Brandon - his right ear was still infected! He started another round of antibiotics for that, his last try before going to the ENT guy to see about tubes.
Thankfully (!!!) his ears have improved this time!! We had him in last night to the walk-in again and his ears are just a little pink now!
These pictures are from Sunday morning. You can see how just a couple lbs. lost made a big difference in Isaac!
This is Isaac last night. He's trying to gain back that weight, I think!
Ruthie had been complaining of ear pain as well and was given some drops for it - her ears were checked last night, too, and have improved as well!
Josh got sick Sunday night, then Ruthie did Monday afternoon. So far I've only been a little sick, and Zech has been fine. Though, he did slam his fingers in the door this morning.
I just got a few pictures put up online, and one video of Zech at dance class. It's short, unfortunately, because my camera decided to not work right.



We have Christmas pictures - finally! We got them taken on Sunday (all of them are up on the picture site, lots to look through!) and I got them printed off yesterday. Hopefully the cards will all be done and mailed out tomorrow!
My apologies to any and all who receive their cards late. I didn't forget... just was busy with sick kids!


hello! - 12/01

Hello all! Sorry for the lengthy pause in updates, we've been busy dealing with sick kids and a broken car.
The kids are coming along okay - we've all still got a cold, so there's plenty of coughing, but Ruthie seems to be feeling better and Zech seems to be doing well. Isaac has had a bit of a temp again the last 2 days (yesterday and today) and has been extra grumpy. But, we did go to Winnipeg on Thursday, making for a very long day, so we're hoping he's still worn out from that. At any rate, I'll be taking him back to the Dr office to have his ears looked at, once he's all done his meds. Hopefully they're cleared up and we're done this round.
We know nothing more about the whole van insurance claim. They're waiting on us to get it in for the "price out". But, considering that means losing the van for a day, it's not going to happen any time really soon. They can wait!
Josh's car is another story. We really need to get this thing figured out so he can get back to using his own vehicle! He drove it to work Monday morning, all was fine. But after school it wouldn't start - it's rolling over, but just not starting. He's now got it in a garage (father of one of his students) and has been trying to figure things out. No luck yet. It doesn't help that this week has been really busy for him anyways, so he hasn't had a ton of time to spend on the car. But, luckily, a fellow teacher at the school has an "extra" vehicle and has loaned it to Josh to use for getting to work and back. Thank goodness. I really don't know what we would have done without that helping hand.
Last thing! I just uploaded a few pictures and videos from today at swimming lessons! Enjoy!