visits with Nana & Papa!

We all had a great time with Nana & Papa (my parents)!! We got to the water slides, to the splash parks in town a couple times, to the beach, and spent some lazy time at home, too. Sometimes it's hard to get everything done that we want to share with family during short visits, but we do the best we can!
They arrived on the 13th, the day Pea turned 4 months old. It was their first time seeing Piper, and she took to them right away! Lots of cuddles and snuggles and kisses were given to her during their visit!
everyone on a walk

the boys & Papa playing cards

Water Park Fun!
Zech, Isaac, Piper, Nana & Papa

Piper loves the water!

Mommy & Piper

"don't lick the water!"

Daddy & Piper

Daddy & Levi


underwater pics!

Papa on the waterslide! (Ruthie and he raced, she won, but got out of the photo too quickly!)

We've been planning to get the baby swing up for Piper, and got some hooks to hang it on the deck. It's covered, so she can be in the shade instead of out in the sun. Papa got it all hung up for her and she loves it!

The boys were playing some game or another in the play room and Levi came out all dressed up!

tough guy!

just kidding!

Did I mention lots of cuddles for Piper?
Papa, Nana & Piper

Nana & Piper ❤

Piper liked Papa's watch

(this was my own dress as a baby!)

(and this was mine too!)

Always try to get a picture of all the kids with Nana & Papa!
Nana, Papa & the girls

Nana, Papa & the boys

Nana, Papa & everyone!

Papa & Levi ❤


Piper Ann ❤ 4 months

Our Sweet Pea was 4 months old on the 13th. My goodness, time is flying!
She is getting SO big now! She's getting so good with her hands, reaching and grabbing for whatever she wants (like Mommy's hair!), rolling over, cooing and "talking" and smiling and laughing so much! She's such a happy little girl, such a joy to have in our life.



Look how she's grown!
8 days old

1 month

2 months

3 months

4 months