Happy Canada Day! - 07/01

Hope it's good weather and a good relaxing day for everyone! We're doing nothing all day, lazing around still in our pajamas at lunchtime, but plan to go to Boissevain after supper for fireworks. I hope Levi isn't scared - don't think he will be, he loves thunder storms.
Yesterday was my birthday - 29 years old! The kids got me great gifts.
Isaac wants to bake with me, so he got me some cake decorating bags and tips (for icing), some candy eyes for faces (I didn't even know they made these!), and some sticks for cake pops (yum!). We'll pick up some stuff over the weekend maybe and make some treats next week.
Zech wants to go to the movies with me, so he got me a $25 gift card for the theatre. We'll try to go next week as well. He wants to go to "cars 2".
Ruthie wants to bake with me as well, and knows I love to read! So she got me some more cake pop sticks and the next book in a series I love.
And they all made me their own cards. Wonderful, very thoughtful gifts!
Josh made me fish cakes for supper (yummy!) and did a great job on my cake! A sunflower!!

As an added gift, he did up the photos from Levi's birthday last night too! Yay!
I made Levi a puppy cake - he loves doggies! I was so happy with how it turned out - cuz that first birthday cake is an important one! He loved having his day - all the excitement of the older kids and Josh and I. He tried hard to blow out his candle, made a mess eating cake, and loved opening presents!

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  1. jul (bluedaisyma)9:43 pm, July 01, 2011

    Levi has changed so much, dear one! I LOVE the puppy cake, you did an awesome job :)