Happy Birthday Isaac!

Isaac turned 9 on May 19th! He had a great birthday, he told us!
He chose to have waffles, french toast, bacon, and sausages for supper. Grandma and Grandpa joined us for dinner, cake, and presents!
(Minor mishap/miscalculation with the cake - I was planning to use fondant for decorating, but the icing (though very yummy!) wasn't strong enough to hold fondant up. Photos were quickly taken and the sides were removed from the cake!)
his Minecraft cake

gifts! he's been asking for a real briefcase for ages!

and a cool surprise inside - "circuit-scribe"!

waiting for cake

blowing out candles!

9 whole years, crazy. Only one year away from double-digits!
Enjoy it, Bub! Have a wonderful year!!

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