Jack & Co. :)

Piper is such a little mother hen! We knew she was with the older kids, and she's continuing with her "beebee Jack"!

soothing baby

changing diapers

cuddles & kisses

Jack is still doing great - eating and sleeping most of the time still, but starting to smile and trying to coo! The kids love it!

napping with Daddy

And I had the cutest email from Levi's nursery school for Mother's Day!

"I love my Mom because… she’s nice and sometimes she lets me play video games and reads me a bedtime story

My Mom likes to eat ….. pears

My Mom likes to …do laundry

My Mom’s favorite colour is ….. purple

My Mom is 20 years old

What does my Mom do? She tucks me in and watches shows

My Mom and I like to …. play

I love my Mom….. A LOT"
I'll definitely be saving that one!

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